Space Requirement for 2 products : 300 Sq. ft.

  • Waiting Area
  • Councilor Cabin
  • 2 Class rooms

(Opportunity Club)
Space Requirement for 4 products : 500 Sq. ft.

  • Waiting Area
  • Councilor Cabin
  • Class room (2 Nos.)

Interiors Required

  1. Flap Individual chairs 15-20 chairs in one classroom.
  2. Classroom decor as per design exhibited during training
    • Green board
    • Whiteboard
    • Abacus Slides
    • LED Screen slot
    • 5.1 Channel home theatre
    • Book shelves for course materials and examination papers

Note : If a franchisee operates from his/her residence, then one room must be designated and designed as per above specifications.

Enquiry room : Will contain one desk and three chairs.

Waiting Area : Will contain 5 chairs or sofa with a water purifier and a notice board.

Washroom: Children’s washroom facility to be taken care of

  • Opportunity Club – Several skill development programs for children, all under one
Roof. Viz. Abacus, Magic Maths, Colors n Scissors, Handwriting, Calligraphy
  • Less Franchise Cost – The franchise cost is at a bare minimum and also discounts
are offered on the products in the opportunity club
  • Decreasing Royalties – We give you the chance to earn/save more money by increasing
the number of admissions
  • Agreement Tenure of 5 years – Agreement with you is for 5 years and a renewal
charge of only 25% of franchisee fee after 5 years
  • Business Development Training – Business related training conducted on a regular basis for all
franchisees at HO
  • Break Even Point – Achievement of (BEP) in all products with just 20 admissions
  • Training & Operational Manuals – In our endeavor for excellence, we will keep you
updated with all the study materials
  • Participation in National & International Events – National Competition is conducted every year by Smart Kids Creations India Pvt. Ltd. (SKCIPL). International Grading examinations are conducted every nine months by IAMA(International Abacus Mathematics Association), Taiwan.
  • Business Associate Opportunity – SKCIPL’s unique and 1st of its kind Franchise Recommendation plan for all franchisees at no extra cost. This Business tree growth plan gives you an opportunity to make more money from all franchisees that you recommend.


Franchisee will be provided with Operational & Business development training manual which will help to conduct the SKC programs as per the standards. This will also provide guidelines as to how the center can be developed in terms of marketing, admissions and quality assurance.


The curriculum for all programs will be provided in printed form. Worksheets will also be provided from time to time. Exam papers & certificates will be provided by the company.

BD Education

Business development education of one day will be provided to all the franchisees every six months.

On-Going Support

The benefits of on-going Research & development will be transferred to franchisee to keep abreast of the curriculum development.

Marketing support

The company will provide Marketing Kit. The company will provide education so that live demonstration & Information can be given.

“Creating smarter generations for a brighter India”

Our Professional Mission is ensuring the fulfillment of high expectations from our students & teachers, to provide our partner members with an innovative business platform & winning their respect & loyalty.

Our Vision is every child will be able to reach his/her potential & will be prepared to lead a successful & productive life, if they are provided with an education system that ensures excellence, inspirations and competitiveness.

At SKCIPL, we ensure the above through highly effective teachers in every classroom, Safe and supportive learning environment in every center which provides opportunities & supports high academic achievement.

Our Core Values are to promote sense of belonging, nurturing child’s full potential, encouraging an innovative approach, maintaining a customer centric approach and always seeking excellence.

Our teachers are highly trained by our SKCIPL professionals. SKCIPL group is fully committed & passionate about providing the best learning & education. We provide exemplary management to our centers & ensure high quality in our teacher training programs. We conduct relevant, enriching & continuous educational programs and always aspire to provide state-of-the-art products and resources to every child.