ESP Enhancement Workshop – Age Group: 5 years+

Midbrain Activation in 2 full days workshop

Midbrain Activation Program Levels.

  • First Level – ESP Mind Development Training.
  • Second Level – ESP Learning Enhancement Training.
  • Third Level – Quantum Speed Reading (QSR).
Midbrain Activation Procedure-Introduction

Midbrain activation programme is a 2 days’ workshop which provides a blindfold training to activate children hidden potential.

Midbrain activation is a method of helping children to own their powerful whole brain ability. It’s to stimulate a balance condition between the left and right brain. The children would have the ability to do things with their eyes closed. This active intuition on children as they grow up will enable the right brain to remain active and will not only be dominated by their left brain. The middle and the whole brain will function optimally.

This is a perfect gift for children when the midbrain had been activated.They able to blindfolded and use their brainwave to sensethe objects, as even to feel, smell, hearing or visual.

Benefits and features of midbrain activation
  • Memory Enhancement.
  • Concentration Enhancement.
  • Confidence Boosting.
  • Creativity Enhancement.
  • Emotion Management.
  • Enter The Genius Mind Of Learning State

A mid brain activation program for the age group 5 to 20 yrs. For more information please visit the center : 1st floor, Heena palace, Rajaji path main road, Ayre Road, Dombivli east ph 7506534573 / 7506534682

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