ABACUS -Age Group: 3 to 12 years

(Bifurcated in to three tracks – Toddlers, Movers and Flyers)

Course Structure and duration


Duration: 3 months, 2 hours a week

The toddler abacus program teaches kids the abacus representation of numbers and handling of abacus as a counting tool before they actually perform arithmetic operations. They are also taught the importance of speed by introducing time bound writing activity.

Benefits of starting early

  • Enriches children’s brain power by starting it in their early years
  • Improves attention spans of small kids
  • Uses a specially designed seven rod multicolor abacus
  • Our teaching method creates a natural liking for arithmetic in kids
  • Activities help build visual ability and photographic memory
  • Small batches for individual attention (Only seven students in a batch)

Movers and Flyers

The course is divided into 3 modules

  • Basic Graduation
  • Advance Graduation
  • Grand Graduation

Photographic Memory – Abacus helps in enhancing photographic memory. The concept of thinking in pictures & images helps children to perform better not in just mental calculations but other academic subjects. It helps in better visualization, memorization and recall.

Concentration – Abacus program helps in better concentration as it involves interaction of both left & right hemisphere of brain. SKCIPL teaching methodology sharpens the attentiveness in a child and helps him/her concentrate better.

Speed – Every calculation exercise and activity given is time bound. This develops a time sense in small children. This ultimately results in children being able to calculate faster than a calculator.

Accuracy – Constant practice & proper use of Abacus techniques helps a child to be accurate & perfect in every calculation and activity assigned.

What is Abacus ?

Abacus is an ancient Chinese tool and the abacus method was originated in China. It is a more than 2000 years old art and skill. Abacus is still widely used in place of calculator in China and it is a proven technique for the brain development.

Abacus is a boon for children, a simple technique taught in early childhood which enables them, to improve the brain functions of both the left and the right hemispheres of the brain.

Abacus method of calculation is considered to be one of the fastest ways of calculations. At SKCIPL, we use Soroban Abacus as a tool for the development of child’s brain. We teach different ways of mental calculation & activities that develops numerous abilities & ultimately helps in development of both right & left hemisphere of the brain. The course is designed in such a way that children enjoy while learning. During the course they undergo lot of brain development exercises & activities, which enhance their mental abilities massively.

Abacus method is not uncommon. It is now accepted & practiced in several countries like, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore & now in India at SKCIPL. This will help children in all areas where learning is required like academics, sports, art, creativity etc.

Our brain has two hemispheres – left & right. Usually, the left side of the brain is used by 95% human beings. They fail to use the right hemisphere of the brain which is also very important.

Science has proved that continuous use of abacus is able to develop the unused right-side of human brain. Think about how much your child can achieve if he/she starts to utilize more than what he/she is now.

Left Hemisphere

  • Logical
  • Linear
  • Language
  • Analytical
  • Scientific skills
  • Reasoning
  • Short-term memorization

Right Hemisphere

  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Integrating information
  • Thinking
  • Pictures & symbols
  • Imagination
  • Dimensions
  • Long-term memorization
Abacus and Brain Development

Abacus course at SKC is a BRAIN GYM. Research on brain science reveals that the left hemisphere provides analytical information processing and is good in dealing with information concerning words and numbers. The right hemisphere of brain provides integral information in processing and good for dealing with information concerning shape, space & creativity. To achieve excellent results the information in the left brain & the right brain complement each other and SKC with the help of “SOROBAN” Abacus can achieve such results. There is no limit to develop the potentials of the human brain completely. Many Physiologists and brain scientists have been studying ways to develop the function of the brain further, the seat of intelligence, contributing in large measures to increase human learning ability, concentration and perceptual abilities and imaging skills.

Generally human beings use only 2-5% of their brain power during their life span, it means more than 95% of the brain remains unutilized, which shows that there is a potential for development. Research on brain science has shown over a period of time that the brain development is possible up to the age 14-15 yrs. The age 16-20 is the age when the brain matures out & gives it a definite shape & pattern. And after age 21 the brain slowly stops developing & starts performing whatever is learnt in the development age for the rest of its life span.

It has also been proven that the whole brain development is possible from the age 3-15 years. A child starts to recognize the numbers 0-9 at the age of 3 years and therefore can be taught abacus numbers at that same age.

The more you use your organs/parts of the body the more it responds, and there by becomes more efficient. If we exercise/use any body part then its efficiency increases. And this fact applies to our brain also. And abacus is the best means of exercise for our brains. By using the abacus as a tool, the brainpower is harnessed. Also there is an overall brain development focusing on both left & right hemisphere of the brain simultaneously.

Today, we live in an era of computers. However, it is for this reason that abacus training becomes even more important. The abacus program meets the needs of today’s academic structure for the child. By using the abacus method regularly, basic calculations of addition, subtraction, multiplication & division can be easily done mentally. With constant practice of the abacus, especially to perform all the mental arithmetic calculations, the interaction between the left & the right hemisphere of the brain causes instant stimulation that greatly benefits the brain. And the systematic training of the brain & its development helps maintaining good health, achievements in sport, spiritual energy and motivation.